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The 2024 Call for Entries ended January 24. Our nomination party will be held on Sunday, April 28. 

New categories include:

- Crime/Justice - News & Programming

- Lifestyle - News

- Weather - News (single shift)

- Weather - News (no production time limit)

- Sports Documentary

- Branded Content

- Sports Analyst - Studio
- Sports Analyst - Game

- Solo Storyteller

Click HERE to sign up for a new membership or renew your current membership to receive significantly discounted entry fees. As a reminder, memberships are provided to individuals not organizations and cannot be shared.

Click below to log into your EMMY® Express account and enter now.

For difficulties logging in please email us at


Only entrants named on an entry will be eligible for an EMMY® Award statuette. No exceptions.

It is the responsibility of submitters and entrants to review the entry list for accuracy. No names can be added or changed after the nomination event. 

Changes and name additions after the deadline will incur a fee. No changes or name additions will be accepted after the nomination announcement.

Only ONE name will be added to each EMMY® Award statuette. The first entrant on an entry will be listed on the statuette provided at the award ceremony. Additional entrants will be eligible to purchase a statuette from our website.

All entrants are required to judge. 

Categories for which entrants do not readily volunteer to judge may be eliminated in the following eligibility year.

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