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Our bylaws are based on governance by the National board; however, each of the 19 NATAS chapters implements its own bylaws based on chapter needs. Regular assessment and recommendation is based on chapter operations. All amendments must be approved by the Board unanimously prior to submission to National for its approval.


Chair: Sharleta Stamps, Communications Specialist - Media Strategy

Members: Tracey Rogers

This committee is charged with producing a broadcast-quality show, recorded for historical purposes, made available to all our chapter markets, as well as broadcast via any number of outlets. It communicates with all EMMY® Awards presenters and follows through so that each person appears as scheduled. A production group is chosen to record the event for archival purposes, which also includes set, sound, recording and anything involved with the actual production/execution of the event.


This committee plans the EMMY® Awards gala, which includes but is not limited to the host, venue and all advance preparation as well as the event, by assembling a team of volunteers to implement an action plan. It coordinates graphic design for invitations and program information. Details are communicated to the Public Relations committee. EMMY® Awards Production committee works in tandem with this committee. Write/produce all material for invitation and program, working closely with the Sponsorship Committee to gather necessary copy and ads for the program, communicating to the Awards production group which ads will appear in show. Secure photographers for the event and timely delivery of photos in acceptable format for publicity and website purposes. This committee collaborates on planning and execution of the event while staying within budget guidelines.


This is a critical committee for the chapter as it assembles the Call for Entries that is distributed each year in December. It incorporates any changes made at the National level. The committee recommends changes to the submissions and reviews the accuracy of all EMMY® Award entries. It also offers recommendations for policy change at the national level with regard to the EMMY® category submission process. All proposed changes are submitted for board approval. A representative attends the national meetings in September each year.


Chair: Open

Members: Mims

This committee is responsible for maintaining all public information for historical purposes, including, but not limited to all EMMY® Award winners since the Southeast chapter’s inception, photographs, context photographs are taken and any honors and scholarships awarded. Recommends best preservation of materials including those written about or any materials generated from NATAS Southeast.


Chair: Tracey Rogers, Tracey Rogers Media

Members: Mims, Ruiz, Dib Caiazzo

This committee is charged with bringing sponsors on board to offset the costs of chapter initiatives and events via cash contributions or in-kind sponsorships. It secures sponsors in advance of the budget process so funds may be allocated appropriately. Funds support educational events/panels for our membership, as well as help offset costs of The Silver Circle and The EMMY® Awards gala. The committee evaluates marketing and sponsorship material on an ongoing basis and supplies information for updates to the administrator, board and website as appropriate.


Chair: Alex Sanz, AJC

Members: Lowry, Rogers, Takahashi, Cantrell-Bickley

This committee is in charge of the development of programming for students and members.


This committee is responsible for expanding outreach to the region for new members, recruiting board candidates and exploring benefits for members.


Chair: Raquel Riley Thomas, An Officer and a Gentlewoman LLC   

Members: Mims, Green, McMichael, Rogers, Dib Caiazzo, Takahashi

This committee gathers relevant information affecting our chapter and compiles press releases for distribution to media outlets. It communicates publicity needs of other committees, assembling photography and bio requirements, including deadlines to gain the best exposure on chapter initiatives.


Chair: Evelyn Mims, Mims Media Group  

Members: Lowry, Greer, Takahashi, Ruiz

The Gold & Silver Circle honors career excellence as well as exceptional service to the southeast television community. This lifetime achievement honor is awarded in an annual ceremony to the most deserving media professionals. The Silver Circle committee works with the administrator to send out the call for nominations, reviews application forms and presents a slate of applicants for board approval, simultaneously working with the venue and the production team on event planning details. Invitations and program information is coordinated with our graphic designer, and details of the event to be communicated to public relations committee. Inductees are contacted to confirm their information, including bio, photo and tribute video delivered by set deadlines.


Chair: Lowry   

Members:  Cantrell-Bickley

The national division of NATAS each year honors excellence of student work through the Student Awards. This committee is in charge of marketing the Student Awards at regional high schools and colleges throughout our footprint beginning in the fall of each school year so that entries can be received by national in late March. Continual follow-up throughout the fall and winter is required to ensure that the southeast has growing participation from students each year.


Chair: Cantrell-Bickley

Members: Cohen, Lowry, Stamps

The NATAS Southeast Foundation is looking for the next generation of television professionals. We're looking for students with an innovative vision and a commitment to excellence that will one day "earn an Emmy®!"

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