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Notice: All orders will be verified against the Certified EMMY® Results. Only those listed on the entry will be eligible to receive and EMMY® Statuette. Under no circumstances may a name be added or changed to an entry after the one-week grace period following the nomination event in May. Commemorative Awards are limited to three stations/organizations. Individuals are not permitted to receive a Commemorative statuette.

The complete list of entries is made available in February to allow entrants verify the information listed is accurate. All changes must be submitted prior to the nomination event. Further, once the Emmy® awards ceremony has concluded, NO individual names can be added to an awarded entry as an additional recipient, under any circumstances.

Others who work on a nominated or recognized entry may order production certificates or plaques.  Individuals who did not receive a statuette, but were eligible for production certificates and/or plaques are not considered Emmy® recipients. Production plaques  be presented to individuals verified by the producer(s) or executive producer(s) as having significantly contributed to the award-recognized  program and who also received appropriate credit. These plaques are for persons who made a significant contribution to a winning piece’s award-worthiness but were not listed on the original entry. A form for these names should be submitted at the time of entry, but may be submitted as late as the Awards Ceremony.

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