The judging period is February 1st through January 31st. There are 7-10 opportunities to judge very year. Judge at least three panels during the judging period to receive an automatic $20 discount on your 2021 EMMY® entries.

All EMMY® entrants are required to judge when called upon. Here are few tips before signing up:


TIP #1: Be sure to update your judging profile with your qualifications or your judging requests may be denied.

TIP #2: Do not request more panels than you can handle. Typically, no more than 3-4 panel requests will be approved per person at a time. Once complete you may request more panels.

TIP #3: Only request panels that you are qualified to judge. For example, do not request a news panel if you do not have experience in news.

The success of the Emmy® Awards process depends on the willingness of qualified professionals to serve as judges. Peers in other NATAS Chapters are serving this Chapter's entrants. This Chapter will judge other Chapter's entries. By entering, you agree to serve as a judge when asked.

Click below to sign up now. Login into your EMMY® Express Dashboard and select Search Available Panels to request the categories you are qualified to judge. ​You do not need to be a member to judge. If you do not have an EMMY® Express account you may create a free registered user account. For difficulties logging in please email us at Please do not create a duplicate account.

 Currently, we have panels from the Michigan, Lower Great Lakes, and Northwest Chapters available for judging. Panels Include but are not limited to:


Branded Content Program

Breaking News


Crime - Story/Series - No Time Limit

Director - Non-Live

Documentary - Topical

Editor - News

General Assignment Report

Graphic Arts - Graphics


Human Interest



Magazine Program

News Excellence

News Special

Newscast - Morning/Daytime/Evening

Overall Excellence

Photographer - News

Photographer - Program



Public/Current/Community Affairs

Reporter - News General Assignment

Reporter - Programming

Reporter - Sports

Special Event Coverage

Sporting Event/Game - Live/Unedited - Series

Sports - News Feature

Sports - Program

Spot News

Anchor - Weather

Talent - Program Host/Moderator

Team Coverage


Writer - News

Writer - Program


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